Own production of steel structures is the key to our offer. Planning and innovations from the design part are achievable precisely because of the quality of our manufacturing facility. Certified production control with skilled and experienced staff will meet your high demands.
We produce and assemble metal steel structures of various shapes and sizes as desired by investors. We are at your disposal to assist with your suggestions and ideas in designing and visualizing the steel structure of your choice.
Steel is a modern, reliable and environmentally friendly material suitable for construction and recycling. It has elegance, simplicity and durability. It is suitable for all types of upgrades and combinations of materials. The ability to handle large ranges with elegant and slender structural elements, gives great freedom to architects in the design process.
It is applicable in almost all areas of construction: production halls, warehouses, garages, services and workshops, retail outlets, sports halls, roofs, canopies, and more recently it has been used in residential construction (
Types of main structural supports:
- Grid steel structure
- Full profile steel construction