CNC plasma cutting

We perform plasma cutting service with excellent precision in the range of +/- 0.5 mm. We use product drafts in .dxf, .dwg and .pdf format to produce your order.
Plasma is by far the most economical method of cutting all metals, since only electricity and compressed air are used during the process. The extremely good ratio of speed to cut quality to price makes plasma cutting the most common choice in the metal industry.
Modern production requires modern equipment. We own modern CNC plasma machines brand VARSTROJ 120A and LINCOLN 100A for cutting sheet metal. For larger metal thicknesses we use a CNC gas cutter and with it we can cut thicknesses up to 200mm.

CNC plasma cutters have the following characteristics:

– Min. plasma cutting thickness: 2mm
– Max. plasma cutting thickness: 40mm

– Max. gas cutting thickness: 200mm
– Desktop length: 8000mm
– Worktop width: 2000mm