The arch structures are made using special technology of production of arc segments, special lines for rolling, profiling and sheet metal folding. For the manufacture of arched segments, a galvanized steel sheet is used, the thickness of which depends on the construction span of 0.8-1.5mm. We produce prefabricated arch structures with a minimum span of 12m and a maximum of 24m. Thermal insulation can be done inside the hall, with different finishes. The complete process of fabrication of arc segments and assembly is performed at the site of assembly of the structure.
This type of structure is called multifunctional for a reason, because the structure also plays the role of walls and roof. Prefabricated arch structures are the most efficient spatial structures, in terms of static. They are very lightweight but also extremely strong structures that can be flexed with a span of 24M without support in the middle. Due to its static properties and mounting method, the structure is resistant to earthquake of 7 degrees Richter scale.
Besides the multifunctionality, the good price is influenced by the fast way of making and assembling the arched elements (construction and assembly of a 500 m2 building takes about 3 days). All of these advantages make arch prefabricated structures the cheapest type of construction, which is about 50% more advantageous than other masonry and prefabricated structures.
Arched structures are suitable for objects of various purposes: production facilities, warehouses, refrigerators for fruit and vegetables, services and workshops, shops, sports halls, outbuildings, farms, garages ...